DIY Kate Spade Inspired vases

Have you checked out the new Kate Spade collection at Indigo? It’s one of those collections that has my heart skipping a few beats everytime I see it.


$12 – Paper clips


$20 – Notebook

With paper clips creeping the $15 mark, I knew I’d need to get creative to achieve the look without breaking the bank. So, naturally, I began searching my home for things I don’t use or items that could use a good update. Viola! Hello, old vases. I have these vases from flowers I’ve gotten in the past and they tend to sit, lonely, in my attic. Well, these baby’s are lonely no more!
Immediately, I pulled out my drawer of crafting goods and found some Martha Stewart all purpose paint as well as some pouncers I purchased on a whim last year.

This project is super easy. Pour some paint in a disposable plate, grab your blotter, dip, remove the excess by giving it a quick blot on your plate and sponge away! I found the best technique to use is blot, turn about 90 degrees and release. I would suggest completing 2-3 dots before needing to dip into the paint again.

Let your glass cure for 21 days or (if oven friendly) toss in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes. Of course, I’m eager and when you tell me to wait 21 days I won’t wait 21 minutes before trying to use my new masterpiece. That’s ok, as long as you don’t plan on washing your glass or putting it in the dishwasher until they’re completely cured. Now, of course this is not nearly as cute as paper clips in the form of bows ( a la Kate Spade) but the use of gold polka dots definitely triggers a ‘Kate Spade’ feeling. I love it.

Now you’re probably asking what would you do with your new vases that weren’t worthy of a home when they were dotless? Simple! Head over to your dollar store and buy three obnoxiousbig peony’s. Cut the stems real short and you have yourself an all year round floral arrangement that brightens your day from morning till night.

Hope you’re inspired to try your hand at some creative designer inspired goods. If you do, please share!

Psst…because I couldn’t get enough of my new vases I decided to make my own “collection” of striped gold drinking glasses. It’s coming soon!20131104-215505.jpg



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