$2 DIY window shade


So I’ve had this problem in my house ever since we moved in. Every time Tony and I watch TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon we get a glare from our kitchen window that hits the TV to make it sometimes impossible to watch. Yes, we lived with this problem for over 2 years and did nothing about it. That is, of course, until I got my new Ikea Sy sewing machine. Now, being the serial thrifter that I am, I decided to check out some thrift shops for fabric and found some great dark teal 100% heavy weight cotton that would work perfectly. I picked up my fabric for $7.99 and used about 1/4 so this project cost me a whopping $2!

It’s super simple. Measure your window and add 2 inches to the width. Now measure your length and add 4 inches.


Now that you have cut your fabric you will pin down 1 inch on both sides and the bottom of your window covering. Give this a quick run under the iron to make your sewing a breeze.

Now that you’ve ironed down 1 inch on all 3 sides, sew them down. Once complete, measure 3 inches along the top, pin and iron. Sew down this final piece to your new window. Tip- you’re leaving 3 inches here so you can put your tension rod through. If you’re using wood, measure accordingly and give yourself about 2 inches extra depending on the thickness of the wood.

If you’re planning to tie up the window shade, you can use any nice ribbon or cut your fabric, double the length of your shade, and pin it in the back. If you don’t want any fabric hanging down the back I would suggest cutting only 1.5 times the length of your shade.

I hope your new window shade gives you as much pleasure as mine does! Yay for Sunday afternoon TV sessions with no glare!


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