Engagement Photos compliments of Luminous Studios

Last Sunday Tony and I were lucky enough to spend the day with our amazing photographer, Ryan who owns Luminous Studios in Toronto.

After spending a day in the spotlight I thought I’d give some tips on the Do’s and Don’ts of taking you E-shots.


Wear your finest! These photos will be with you forever. One day when you’re old and grey you’ll show your children and your grandchildren these pics so dress stylish but not trendy. I wore skinny black pants, a white Asos top and a black leather Danier jacket and no outfit is complete without the perfect shoes! So I topped off my outfit with my YSL Tribtoos which were a very generous gift from my fiancé for my birthday last year. For our casual shots I switched into a sweater and Chanel flats (this years birthday gift!).
Luminous Studios for Practically Made-1

Get your hair and make up done!! I was lucky enough to stumble upon an amazing make up artist here in Toronto, as soon as she finished I immediately knew I would be using her for my wedding as well! Check out at Lilly Ho if you’re looking! She mentioned that at least 10% of your makeup is lost when you take your pics so get out those fake eyelashes! My hair was done at Donato salon in Yorkdale by Trisha who was also amazing and so much fun!
Luminous Studios for Practically Made  -1

Do your research! As soon as we decided to take engagement shots I began compiling a Pinterest board of all the shots I was hoping to achieve. I asked my photographer to check it out to get an idea of what my style is. Some photographers will ask you fill in a long questionnaire but I feel your best shot at describing what you’re looking for is by saving everything you like. When we were ready to book a shooting location I sent Ryan numerous parks and he kindly informed me that all the images I had saved were urban and editorial inspired. He suggested we take a walk down Yonge St and we’re so happy we went with his suggestion. The photos came out better than I expected!

Luminous Studios and Practically Made -5

Be yourself!!
Ryan was so amazing at getting us to feel comfortable and understanding what we were looking for. In fact, Tony and I couldn’t believe how much fun we had! Most of our photos were spent talking and laughing with one another and we really enjoyed that time together.
Luminous Studios + Practically Made
Bring your pet! We brought Henry with us because he's a huge part of our family! You'll want a friend to bring him only for the last 15 minutes though. It can be distracting having your dog barking while you're trying to get cozy with your love.
Luminous Studios + Practically Made 2

Dress inappropriate unless you plan on keeping these photos only in the bedroom or away from your future children and grandchildren. Boudoir shots should not be mixed up with engagement shots. Furthermore, I doubt you'll feel comfortable showing these photos to future generations when you're wearing an uber revealing top with thigh high boots and a mini skirt

Forget to be romantic. If there's one time I'm ok with PDA, it's during your eshoot. There is no better time to capture your love and admiration for one another.

Luminous Studios for Practically Made -2
Be afraid of taking a photo you aren't sure about. Ryan had me sitting in the trunk of an elephant statue! Initially I couldn't understand how the photo would come out but it's my absolute favourite of the day!

Luminous Studios and Practically Made


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