White Out

Last night at 9pm my bathroom looked like this


And by 10:30pm I had transformed my tiny space into this


That’s right….I call this my $15 Bathroom Update


Here’s the story…

For the past 6 months I have neglected my abode to focus on wedding planning. A home needs constant TLC and this quickly became evident in our small space. I was feeling bored of looking at the same thing day in and day out and realized it was time to make some mini changes. In 8 months we’ll need to put our house up for sale so we can move into our new “family sized” home, but looking around my current space I knew I needed to make some easy, budget friendly updates that would spruce the place up for selling. One of the items on my newly created list was improving the look of our bathroom. My dilemma? I don’t have cabinets to paint white or wall space to add chevron stripes or any of the other glorious ideas floating around Pinterest. What I did have was seriously old tiles and grout. Replacing the tile would involve us embarking on a much larger Reno than we had intended but after some quick blog reading I came across this post on one of my fav new blogs:
Virginia from Live Love Diy found a product that colours and seals your grout for a super quick and cost efficient update. I immediately went to Home Depot (after checking to ensure they had stock of the product and colour I wanted online) to find out they did not have the “snow white” colour I was looking for *womp womp*. I Jumped in my car and headed to Rona and found a similar product in my colour of choice. The price was the same as the Polyblend brand so I picked it up and hoped for the best.
I got home, wiped down my floors with dry paper towel and got to work with a toothbrush and my new product. Its simple, dab a bit of product on the grout and brush in a single direction with your toothbrush. I was amazed at how easy this product was to use! You can see from the picture below that it will go on your tile. Tony had a mild anxiety attack when he walked in and saw the bathroom looking like this…


Not to worry…it comes right off with dry paper towel as soon as the product is dry. Warning: if you attempt to wipe while its wet it WILL just spread and cause you more clean up.

All in all I was very pleased with my $15 update and can’t wait to post all the other mini updates to come. Shhh….one involves metallic gold spray paint and an old Structube desk.

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3 thoughts on “White Out

  1. Hey love! Reading your blog for the first time and I’m totally trying this grout refresh as part of my own kitchen reno! Thanks for sharing – you lit the fire under my butt to make some of my own “practical” changes. Congratulations on your engagement – you are as beautiful as ever. Hope you’re well. xo Lis

  2. Hi lovely – reading your blog for the first time and, as per your recommendation, using this grout refresh on my own kitchen reno this weekend. Oh, and congrats on your engagement – you are as beautiful as ever. Hope you are well. xo Lis

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