I’m Getting Hitched

I’m a terrible blogger. It’s been months since I’ve blogged and so much has happened that I don’t know where to begin.
For starters, I should explain what gave me the kick in the ass to start writing again. A few weeks ago I was leaving for the Dominican Republic with Tony and got a message from an old friend, Kim. We had sent a few messages back and forth, catching up on all the latest details of our lives and how much life has changed since we last saw eachother back in High School. As we spoke Kim mentioned that she enjoyed reading my blog. I’ve heard this before from my friends but you’ve got to believe that sometimes your friends will tell you what you want to hear because they love you and want to make you happy. Kim didn’t need to mention that she even read my blog…but she did. It made me realize that I fear too much about waiting to write about the perfect topic. My fear held me back the first time and it started to hold me back again. So, I got the kick in the ass that I needed and I’m back.
The truth is, writing makes me a better person. I write about what makes me happy, about living a healthy and frugal lifestyle. Writing makes it real.

Ready for an update?
1. He put a ring on it!


2. We bought our second home!


3. I had the most amazing Engagement Party hosted by my mom.




5. I ran my first EVER 10km run. Without training. Bad idea but I ran every second of my 1 hour and 12 min run.


4. I bought my wedding dress!! No chance I’m putting that baby on the Internet. Tony will see that dress for the first time on our wedding day xx

5. Myself and the bridal party took a trip to David’s Bridal to try on Bridesmaid dresses with no luck but had fun looking!


6. Wedding Date is Confirmed for April 5th, 2014. 9.5 months away!!


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