My Home – An Introduction

A year and a half ago, Tony and I made the life altering decision to buy our first home together. After months of searching for the perfect place to call home, we came across a little bungalow in Toronto with a backyard that backed onto a ravine. I was sold. It was a small bungalow with only 2 bedrooms but had the added bonus of having a self contained basement apartment. Considering this was our first home, the security of knowing we could rent out our basement was comforting. We proceeded with an offer. Once it was time for the home inspection we made sure the important (and often expensive) elements of the home were up to par. Newer roof, good windows, waterproofed and updated wiring and plumbing. The only problem was it was dated. Very, very dated. That’s no problem for a couple of DIY dorks, in fact, we were so excited to start ripping the house apart and transforming this little guy into the beauty she is today.
Here are some pics of our home today but dont get too attached, we change things a lot around here

This is the outside of our home; we cleaned it up a bit by painting the porch($30), laying new grass($200 for materials), adding a walkway ($20 for grout, the pavers came to us free from a family friend who had extra after a big job) installing a new door(Gift from my mom) and adding in a small flagstone garden($0 for flagstone, $40 for plants).
Grand Total $270
Practically Made A Mini Home Tour

This is our living room, all we needed to do here was paint ($40) and add new curtains ($50). I’ll get into greater detail about the DIY projects in another post.
Grand Total $90

Our dining room has changed about 150 times. We’ve had too many themes to list here but one day I’ll tackle a “dining room evolution” post. Today, the room is white ($0 because I used leftover paint) with a fun paisley wallpaper ($25/roll =$75)

Oh the kitchen! This is one of my favourite transformations, I can’t wait to post the before pics in a post dedicated to the kitchen itself. In a nutshell, we ordered the cabinets for $1500 and put this guy together ourself, bought new appliances on sale for a grand total of $2000 (including the hood range!!) and the island was something my mom was throwing out that I knew would add a great element of distinction between the living room and kitchen. In a future post I’ll show you what a difference this little guy made in making the room feel much more “complete”.
Practically Made A mini Home tour

Here’s a shot of the whole enchilada
Practically Made A mini Home tour

I hope you enjoyed this mini home tour. I can’t wait to share with you all the details that went into making this house the perfect little home.



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