Every Girl Needs Pink Napkins

I’ve been feeling really crafty lately, even more so than usual. This burst of energy brought me to this latest project; Pink Napkins! I plan on DIYing a fun pattern; maybe polka dots? Chevron? Perhaps I’ll even try my hand at a Moroccan pattern. Before I share the final product I wanted to share my first Dying experience.

I chose to dye my napkins Fuschia and used Rit brand in Fuschia #12. I purchased mine at Michael’s for around $3 but you can purchase them online in packs of 6 for around $2/pack.

What you’ll need
1 Package Rit Dye
100ML Salt
1500ML HOt water
4 Cotton (or other natural fiber) napkins
1 Plastic tub
Rubber gloves

Prewash your 4 napkins to remove any residue on your napkins.
Once you’ve washed and dried them (I tossed mine in the dryer to let them to thier shrinking thing) wet your napkins and prepare your dye

I made my dye in a dollar store tub and added 100ml of salt, 1 package of dye and 500ml of hot water (300ml boiling, 200ml hot). using your hands or a paint stick, mix your solution until disolved and add in your napkins.

Slowly add another 500ml of hot water and stir around for about 10 minutes.
Add the remaining 500ml and let stand for another 15 minutes while you pinterest/text/instagram.

Once your napkins are ready you’ll notice they are slightly darker in colour then waht you would probably expect fuschia to look like. That’s normal. Once you begin the rinsing step all the excess dye will wash out and you’ll be left with fabulous hot pink napkins.

One by one, rinse each napkin, ring out and set aside in one part of the sink (I used my stainless steel sink and didn’t ahve to worry about it staining).
Once you’ve rinsed each napkin to the point the water runs clear I suggest running the water on all the napkins. It will look like this:


Let dry and tada! Pink napkins! I suggest tossing them in the dryer to see your results quicker but I rent out my basement and have made an agreement with my tenant here we each use the laundry once/week. This turned out to save us tons of money and we plan to follow this routine even if we are not renting out our basement.

What I learned from my First exerience
■Some fabric takes the dye differently. I used 100% cotton and have fairly happy with the final result. What I did learn was that finding 100% cotton napkins for a decent price can be difficult. Before reading about dying I purchased 8 napkins from Wal Mart for $8 (4/pack @ $4 each). Then I realized polyester doesn’t take dye…I realized this AFTER I prewashed them. Now I have an extra 8 poly napkins. Doh. I began searching the internet for some options but could only find them in bulk. I found them at The Bay (8 for $32) by Gluckstein Home but wasn’t planning on spending that much money. I found mine at The Superstore by PC brand for $8 for 4.

■If your fabric is not as dark as you want it to be, dye it again.

■ Wear rubber gloves! I wore rubber gloves for the duration of my project. Until it was time to rinse. As I type this post I keep looking down at my Hot Pink h

■If you put your fabric in the dryer, clean out your dryer with bleach and vinegar. If you wash your fabric after you dye it, don’t wash it with any other piece of clothing. After it’s done, run your washing machine twice with nothing but vinegar and bleach.

■Clean your bucket and materials with bleach after you’re finished unless you don’t care about leaving dye residue in them. I bought my tub for $1 from the Dollar Store so I wouldn’t be bummed if it got ruined.

■Your thread isn’t going to dye. That’s because it is typically synthetic. Dont fret, my friend. It’s all good.

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