Oil Control

After four oily years of using Laura Mercier’s Creme Foundation I have finally broken up with my longtime foundation. We had a toxic relationship. I loved the initial look and feel of this particular foundation and more importantly the coverage was good enough to conceal even my worst blemishes and acne scars. By the end of the day, however, my face felt like I was wearing a Vaseline mask. I hated the feeling but loved the coverage too much to give it up. After many failed break ups and attempting new products I think I’ve finally found my new foundation love. It’s a foundation compact (score!!) which means no more messy tube and it makes for much quicker application in the morning (double score!).
Im on day 2 of using Bobbi Brown Foundation Compact and I can confidently provide a list of what i look for in a foundation as well as 1st week pro’s and con’s.

What I look for in a foundation
1. I don’t spend hours getting ready in the morning so the faster the application, the better.
2. I need something oil free
3. It has to provide excellent (buildable) coverage. We all have our good and bad days!
4. It needs to be low maintenance. I don’t want to use a foundation brush every morning for work.
5. No more bottles or tubes! I was looking forward to a less messy application.

The Pro’s
Lightweight and easy to wear in the summer
It’s easy compact style makes it perfect for touch ups
The application is fast and flawless. If you feel you need more coverage a little goes a long way with this one.

The Cons
With a $55 price tag I was expecting more foundation. If I were to compare this to real estate the price per square foot is HIGH! The Creme foundation was about the same price but I feel this won’t provide the same kind of longevity. I’m expecting this to last 2 months. The Creme foundation lasts me a minimum of 6 months!


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